Airports & FBOs

KROG – Rogers Executive Airport / Carter Field

This towered airport is where we’ll begin. None of the other airports are towered.  Beaver Lake Aviation will be providing the facility for our kick-off breakfast with lots of coffee. Dave Krutsch is the Airport Manager and Linda Jennings is the FBO manager. Our friends at the Rogers Executive Airport know how to host fly-ins.  If you haven’t landed at Rogers you are in for a treat.  It will be a great place to start the day! Pay close attention after breakfast in Rogers when we brief you before your departure.

A word of caution: The tower does not open until 8:00 AM so be aware of the time you arrive and follow the appropriate communications protocol.

KGMJ – Grove Municipal Airport

Grove is the first stop after departing Rogers.  It’s only a 34 nautical mile hop but you need to land and pick up your second card for the Best Hand contest.  The FBO is run by the City and managed by Lisa Jewett.  They have a beautiful new terminal building on the west side of the airport and are ready to welcome us when we land.

KHFJ – Monett Regional Airport

The next stop after Grove is long and wide Monett.  It’s another short hop, just 39 nautical miles, but you need to land to pick up your third card for the Best Hand contest.  The FBO is run by the City and managed by Howard Frazier, Superintendent.  The facilities are spotless and in great shape and we’re sure Howard and his staff will take great care of you.

KHRO – Boone County Airport

The next leg is the longest. 57 nautical miles Southeast is Harrison, the fourth airport and last stop before Bentonville.  Boone County has 6,000 feet to work with but you’re going to want to land closest to the line on the runway here because this is where the Spot Landing Contest is held.  The FBO is Fly Arkansas, LLC, owned and operated by Taylor Scott.  Although the Spot Landing contest will be here, the results won’t be announced until the lunch celebration in Bentonville.  Don’t forget to pick up your fourth card of your hand before you head on to Bentonville.

KVBT – Bentonville Municipal Airport

As you approach Bentonville, 52 nautical miles west of Harrison, you’ll probably realize you really are ready to stretch for a while and enjoy some lunch and camaraderie.  This last stop is where a lot happens.  Phillip Johnson runs the FBO here, Summit Aviation, LLC and will be hosting the end of the event.  The facilities there are first class and the service is exceptional.