Critical to Our Success!

Join us this year! All (100%) of the registration fees from the pilots and passengers will be committed to the education and scholarship programs of the Tailwind Aviation Foundation.  This means that we need to raise funds from generous sponsors such as yourself to cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, contest prizes and giveaways.  Sponsorship dollars not used for the event will be earmarked for all TAF programs.  We want to make this event one that everyone will get behind year after year and we need your financial assistance to make it happen.

As an event sponsor:

  • You’ll be listed on this site with a link back to your site.  We’ll display your logo along with a short description of you and/or your company.
  • You’re entitled to hang your promotional material (banners, posters, etc.) as space permits at the event sites.  We’ll be executing a PR campaign about the event and hope to attract local media at all of the event locations.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to provide other marketing materials to the participants and volunteers.
  • You’ll be recognized at the award lunch and have the opportunity to address the crowd if you wish.
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of having supported and participated in a great event helping children in Northwest Arkansas.

We are offering many levels of sponsorship participation. Please contact Dave Powell to become a sponsor today.