When’s the Last Time You Had a “$100 Hamburger” and Felt Really, Really Good About It?

Mark your calendar and become one of an elite group of aviators to spend a half-day benefiting the education and scholarship programs of the Tailwind Aviation Foundation. You won’t regret it. By the way…it’s only $75 and it’s breakfast, lunch, and contests…not just a hamburger! Here’s what your day will look like:

Good Morning NWA!

You’ll arrive early at Rogers, AR (KROG) and be treated to a great breakfast at 8:00 with your fellow pilots and passengers supporting the same great cause. You’ll be in your cockpit and in the air by 9:30 am making stops in Grove, OK (KGMJ) then Monett, MO (KHFJ) then Harrison, AR (KHRO) with your final stop in Bentonville, AR (KVBT) by 12:00 pm.

Time for Lunch and some Fun!

By the time you reach Bentonville you will have collected four playing-cards sealed in envelopes; one from each airport. You won’t know the exact cards you have or if you’ve won until after you’ve been treated to a delicious lunch.

Best Hand Contest

After lunch, the Best Hand Contest will be played, three contestants at a time as they receive their fifth and final cards. The person with the best hand overall will win the contest and be awarded bragging rights and a really nice gift.  Prizes will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd best hand as well.

Precision Flight Planning Contest

Before you depart Rogers in the morning you will submit your estimated flight time (to the nearest second) for the entire trip. Your actual departure time at Rogers will be recorded and your arrival time at Bentonville will be recorded. The aviator that comes the closest to their total estimated flight time will win the contest and be awarded bragging rights and a nice gift. Prizes will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place as well.  Only one person per airplane can win.

Spot Landing Contest

If you are PIC, even if you don’t get the luck of the draw in the Best Hand Contest, and/or you get beat in the Precision Flight Planning Contest, you still have a chance at bragging rights and a nice gift if you win the Spot Landing Contest. Touch down in Harrison closest to the spot on the runway and you’ve won. Prizes will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place as well.


Passengers are welcome to register for the event too. Passengers are not required to register but each passenger that does register and contribute is entitled to participate in the Precision Flight Planning and Best Hand contests and will be treated to breakfast and lunch with their PIC and receive our thanks for participating.

Sound Like Fun? Do You Want In?

You need to register as soon as possible because this is a first-paid, first-registered event. The registration fee is $75 per PIC (or passenger) and 100% of that will be given to the foundation for our education and scholarship programs.  Aside from the satisfaction of helping kids, you’ll be treated to breakfast, lunch, contests, and receive our thanks for participating. We’re thinking you’ll have some fun too!