Take Off for Kids 2016

This was our sixth year (and first postponement due to weather) on September 10, 2016! The event was held Saturday, October 08, 2016 to raise funds for the Wright Flight Program of the Tailwind Aviation Foundation. 37 pilots and passengers in 16 planes, along with 27 volunteers, 21 sponsors and donors and 5 airports came together to raise over $9,000 for the program. Check out these awesome pictures from Trina Wade.

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Congratulations to our Contest Winners

Best Hand – 1st: Ashley Lord, 2nd: Chris Faulhaber, 3rd: Ryan Hill
Spot Landing – 1st: Corey Reed, 2nd: Lucas Nunley, 3rd: Wesley Wright
Flight Timing – 1st: Terry Miller, 2nd: Ella Holley, 3rd: John Holley
Flour Drop – 1st: Chip Gibbons, 2nd: Christopher Townsley, 3rd: Tim Ledbetter
Raffle Winner – Dave Strong


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Individual Donors:

Katherine Jennrich

Tim Skinner


Pilots and Passengers

Daniel Shewmaker (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N140W – 2014 WACO YMF-F5C

Paul Russell (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N144KF – 1990 Mooney M20J

Heath Taylor (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N144KF – 1990 Mooney M20J

Mark Spencer (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N2442G – 1959 Cessna 182B

Chris Faulhaber (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N3488C – 1954 Cessna 170B

Barry West (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N357BK – 2003 Glasair Super IIS-FT

Scott Musgrave (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N357BK – 2003 Glasair Super IIS-FT

Jodie McAlister (KASG – Springdale, AR), N395H – 1959 H395 Helio Courier

Kerry McAlister (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N669CB – 1976 Cessna 180J Skywagon

Hudson McAlister (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N669CB – 1976 Cessna 180J Skywagon – Love to fly with my Dad and for the kids!!

Conner Guthrie (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N669CB – 1976 Cessna 180J Skywagon

Dave Strong (KASG – Springdale, AR), N732BY – 1976 Cessna 210

Doug Alexander (KASG – Springdale, AR), N732BY – 1976 Cessna 210

Corey Reed (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N93337 – 1946 Ercoupe 415CD

Ashley Lord (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N93337 – 1946 Ercoupe 415CD

Travis Eddleman (KROG – Rogers, AR), N170C – 1947 Stinson 108

Chip Gibbons (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N56395 – 1980 Maule M5

Jodie Johnson (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N137AL – 1976 Cessna 172N – Great event every year. Looking forward to a fun day.

Logan Dodd (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N137AL – 1976 Cessna 172N

Roger Bullock (KVBT – Bentonville, AR) N5322J – 2001 Piper Archer

Tim Ledbetter (KVBT – Bentonville, AR) N7217A – 1956 Cessna 172

Lucas Nunley (KVBT – Bentonville, AR) N3426N – 1945 Piper J3C-65 Cub

Ronny Barnett (KVBT – Bentonville, AR) N3426N – Piper J3C-65 Cub

Ryan Hill (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N31KW – 2003 Cessna T206H Stationair

Wesley Wright (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N31KW – 2003 Cessna T206H Stationair

John Holley (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N5008B – 1955 Beech F35 VTail Bonanza

Shannon Holley (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N5008B – 1955 Beech F35 VTail Bonanza

Ella Holley (KFYV – Fayetteville, AR), N5008B – 1955 Beech F35 VTail Bonanza

Terry Miller (4M1 – Carroll County Berryville, AR), N66SH – 2006 Flight Design GMBH

Donna Perkins (9M8 – Sheridan, AR) N4387B – 1955 Cessna 170B

Christopher Maxey (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N2442G – 1959 Cessna 182B

Katie Spencer (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N2442G – 1959 Cessna 182B

Brent Spencer (KVBT – Bentonville, AR), N2442G – 1959 Cessna 182B



Alonzo Williams – Bentonville, Arkansas – Giving back is the most important thing that we can do to strengthen our communities!

Carol Houchin – Springdale, Arkansas

David Krutsch – Rogers, Arkansas

Dachene Vang – Bentonville, Arkansas

David Houchin – Springdale, Arkansas

David Newman – Bentonville, Arkansas

Geoffrey Shook – Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Heather Williams – Springdale, Arkansas

Jennifer Barnes – Centerton, Arkansas

Jeremy Houchin – Bentonville, Arkansas

Jim Staggs – Bentonville, Arkansas

Karen Vaughn – Bentonville, Arkansas

Katrina Wade – Bentonville, Arkansas

Klinton Shaddox – Bentonville, Arkansas

Linda Jennings – Rogers, Arkansas

Marcie Smith – Rogers, Arkansas

Michelle Haverkamp – Centerton, Arkansas

Paul Imel – Bentonville, Arkansas

Richard Mynatt – Springdale, Arkansas

Samantha Vargas – Bella Vista, Arkansas

Stephen Ricker – Rogers, Arkansas

Terri Hall – Bentonville, Arkansas

Tiffani Petersen – Gravette, Arkansas

Will Teague – Bentonville, Arkansas

Barbara Keaten – Bentonville, Arkansas

Julie Powell – Rogers, Arkansas